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LeRoy & Cindy's Photo Album

L&C Photo Album Pg1

Thank you all for your gifts and support that make such simple joys as this possible!
We had the privilege of taking 47 orphans from the village to town last week to buy them a gift of new shoes and an ice cream cone.
!!! ICE CREAM !!!
Cecilia and her husband (sorry, can't remember his name)
These are the ladies who got saved the same day as the man (whose name I can't remember.)
School graduation
More of children at school :)
Graduation celebrations at Hope Village preschool and standard 1&2
So here is a picture of me (Cindy) planting!
Pic is with a pastor of Chisabo Village, a Harvest Rock Church we ministered at.

L&C Photo Album Pg1
L&C Photo Album Pg2

LeRoy & Cindy Metzger - Malawi, Africa.
An ordinary couple with an extraordinary God!